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We are looking to expand our value added long term business relations. If it means a contract CFO for one hour, half a day or month satisfies your needs then that is what we provide. Our goal is to ensure you obtain value for our services. Our philosophy is that your finance department is a profit centre. If we cannot provide the service you need we will recruit for you or refer you to people in our network who may be able to.

Our philosophy is to continually learn, network and apply knowledge to the benefit of our clients. We will assist to meet your requirements and help ease the burden for you, your staff and/or your external advisors. We appreciate your finance department already carries a significant work load. Our objective is to assist you and your team to meet your requirements in a timely manner.

Financing and tax planning evolve over time by questioning, learning and exploring new possibilities. This is where we thrive. Having the right people is a critical element, whether we recruit for you or perform the role.

Our core services are the following:


CFO and partner companies are relationship oriented and committed to your financial success.

Our network of contacts is enviable.

Contact us to schedule our assistance.


Tax / Accounting

  • Finance / Accounting

  • Insurance / Tax

  • Industries


  • Real Estate

  • Manufacturing / Service

  • Other

Current Projects


Optimal Medical Benefit Administrative Services is a third party administrator for Private Health Services Plan that allows you to turn your personal medical expenses into a business deduction.

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